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"Play chess, learn math and train your mind"


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Our six year old daughter is a huge chess lover now that she has been introduced to the game and instructed by Ramon Lorente! With no prior knowledge of the chess, she has learned so much about the game and about math through his curriculum. When the Chess4Math textbook arrived, Dezzi was thrilled to begin the activities. The format is kid-friendly with many vibrant colors and shapes to continue to captivate young audiences.

My husband and I appreciate how the concepts of chess are gradually more challenging with every page and how it is still very relevant to her expanding knowledge of mathematical concepts.

We highly recommend the Chess4Math curriculum and are thankful that Ramon has been an excellent teacher and mentor in her kindergarten class.

​Maria Sellars

​Kindergarten parent

Chess 4 Math is a brilliant textbook that provides a unique and fun-filled way to learn how to play chess while also learning math. Children in elementary school will be fascinated by this approach to learning chess and math. Parents and teachers will be pleased to see children playing chess while also enjoying reading and learning new math concepts.

As an elementary math teacher, I am very impressed with the different approaches to teaching math while aligning all activities to the Common Core Standards. The black and white cartoon-style illustrations are high quality and provide children with the added feature of coloring.

The overall design of this product is outstanding. I recommend this product for use in homes, schools, community centers, and wherever children have the opportunity to experience the joy of learning chess.

Evelyn Trejo
Spanish Creative Arts Teacher
4th-5th Math/Reading Interventionist 
Hawthorne Elementary Spanish Immersion School


First kindergarten class with their Chess 4 Math books!