This book provides Kindergarten children with a great and fun way to learn Math through chess. It offers several fun and engaging lessons that not only motivate students in wanting to learn chess but also explores Math concepts that align with Common Core State Standards. Wonderful book with colorful pages, fun and unique Math lessons, great introduction to the basic pieces and moves, and it even includes certificates of completion after each chapter! 

Sylvana Martin
Spanish Immersion Coach
Hawthorne Elementary

Chess 4 Math is a wonderfully made book that is attractive and exciting for kids to use. It’s correlation to state standards is extremely beneficial to the teachers because they know their students are being challenged to think critically, all while they are enjoying the many activities Mr. Lorente has thoughtfully planned.
Rebecca Eckburg
K/1 Teacher
Hawthorne Elementary

Excellent book and student resource. With this book, the student can learn a lot of math concepts and at the same time enjoy and learn about chess. This book is a magnificent instrument for teachers that want to put the student on another math level. I’m a Spanish speaker, and I can’t wait to see the Spanish version of this book. I’m entirely sure this book will have a positive impact on students and will create the seeds of success in their math and chess education.

Nancy Davila 

​K/1 Bilingual Instructor 

Hawthorne Elementary

Chess 4 Math is a brilliant textbook that provides a unique and fun-filled way to learn how to play chess while also learning math. Children in elementary school will be fascinated by this approach to learning chess and math. Parents and teachers will be pleased to see children playing chess while also enjoying reading and learning new math concepts.
As an elementary math teacher, I am very impressed with the different approaches to teaching math while aligning all activities to the Common Core Standards. The black and white cartoon-style illustrations are high quality and provide children with the added feature of coloring.
The overall design of this product is outstanding. I recommend this product for use in homes, schools, community centers, and wherever children have the opportunity to experience the joy of learning chess.
Evelyn Trejo

Spanish Creative Arts Teacher
4th-5th Math/Reading Interventionist 
Hawthorne Elementary

The exercises in the Chess 4 Math textbook offer a new and refreshing way for children to get excited about math. My daughter really enjoys working on all of the different exercises. These exercises are informative, but they are also fun. As a parent it's nice to see my child interested in learning new concepts and ideas. Chess 4 Math encourages algebraic thinking, by teaching students to use symbols to represent numbers, as well as addition, subtraction, and recognizing patterns. We have enjoyed working through the Chess 4 Math textbook as a family. I would highly recommend the course to my friends and their children.

Jeff Williams
Kindergarten parent